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Have you ever watched your cut flowers or houseplants lose their pretty petals or die right before your eyes? Now you can create beautiful floral arrangements and keep them fresh and alive with Mizu Pods. Multicolored Mizu Pods are tiny spheres that expand up to 50 times their original size when placed in a bowl of water. After Mizu Pods fill themselves with water they can be placed in a vase with cut flowers. The Mizu Pods support the stems making it easy to create beautiful arrangements. And they keep your flowers fresh by slowly releasing their stored water as your flowers need it. Place Mizu Pods in the soil with your potted plants and you won’t have to worry about watering them for weeks at a time. As the potting soil dries out Mizu Pods release their water to maintain just the right amount of moisture needed by your potted plants. More than keeping your plants and flowers properly watered, multicolored Mizu Pods are a decorating element that brighten up any flower or plant arrangement.

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