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If you love to fish you probably remember at least one time that you wished you had a rod with you. Now there is a second generation of the Instant Fisherman rod and reel combination fishing kit that sold more than a million units. Stronger and loaded with more features, the new Instant Fisherman is light and sensitive enough to catch small fish yet strong and durable enough to catch a shark. The Instant Fisherman folds up so you can carry it almost wherever you go, even the glove compartment of your car. Simply unfold the Instant Fisherman, extend the rod, and you can have your line in the water in minutes. The built-in real cranks smoothly with a 4 to 1 gear ratio, creating a well-balanced combination with the rod. Each Instant Fisherman Fishing kit also comes with a weatherproof set of fishing Secrets of the Pros cards.

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