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If you enjoy your hanging plants, then you have probably experienced the hassles of standing on a stool or climbing a ladder to water and care for them. Put those problems in the past with the simple to use Easy Reach pulley system. Just attach your plant’s basket hangar to the Easy Reach cord, clip the Easy Reach to your plant hook and you will never have to climb or reach to water them again. A slight upward  push on the pot and the Easy Reach lowers your plant to a height that is convenient for you and keeps it there until you are finished. Push it back up when you are ready and your plants hang securely where you want them. Two tiered baskets, vegetables, whatever you love to grow, it’s easier with Easy Reach. You’ll also find other uses for your Easy Reach, like hanging your fruit baskets and utensils in the kitchen.  Too much stuff and not enough storage space? With Easy Reach you can securely hang those items that clutter the floor of your garage or shed conveniently out of your way.

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