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Looking for a unique idea for celebrations and special occasions? How about something new for birthday parties, baby showers, and holiday get-togethers? Instead of baking cookies or a cake, or buying something from the store, you might want to try Bake Pops. Bake Pops comes as a set that includes a specially designed stick-proof bake pan with its own custom cover, 18 cellophane wraps with ties, 18 reusable pop sticks, a Bake Pops Guide Book with unique recipes and a frosting squeeze bottle for decorating your Bake Pops. You choose the cake mix, the icing and the decorations to make Bake Pops the way you like them. Arrange them on a plate or serve them on their reusable pop sticks – either way is fun and you don’t need knives, forks or additional plates.

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