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What if I told you I found a secret to help cut your kitchen time in half preparing the perfect meal? Its called the Slice-O-Matic and you can easily prepare great tasting food in your home quickly giving you more family connection at mealtime. Easy glide handle lets you slice potatoes, onions, carrots and much more with ease. Adjust the dial in seconds to change your desired thickness of slices and your handy catch container keeps food contained with no mess.

We all love to cook, but no one likes to clean. Using the Slice-O-Matic as simple as Step 1: removing food chute from main body by pressing the quick release tabs on each side. Step 2: carefully remove blades and rinse with water and Step 3: wash the main body and catch container in warm water.

The thing that made me leery about the Slice-O-Matic was a ton of Important Safety Warnings that started out with to avoid serious injury. Close this, make sure this is locked, use extreme care and is not for children under the age of 10. This product is not for the novice or weekend chef. This is for someone who knows how to give the kitchen respect with all the dangerous items that can cause great harm.

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