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Every time you turn on the TV or go out to a mall it seems someone is hocking some kind of Bracelet that is supposed to give you energy or make you a better athlete. iRenew Bracelet is one of these Bracelets. According to the infomercials and website iRenew Bracelet is a made with silicone and a technology called Selective Frequency Resonance. This technology may promote strength, endurance, and balance. People in the infomercial say the iRenew Bracelet helps them with everyday tasks, workouts and when playing sports.

iRenew has two styles of Bracelets available. The original iRenew Bracelet features a stainless steel clasp and is available in black, white or pink. The iRenew Sports Bracelet has a slip-on design and is available in 9 color combinations, is reversible, and comes in five sizes to fit just about anyone.

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