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The Hex Light product has to be one of more inventive flashlights ever created. It may actually give the mag light some competition in the way most notable flashlights in the world. You’re probably thinking this is little that can be done to add to the flashlight if you get to see the commercial. I certainly would advise you to take a look at the commercial for the website and see exactly why many people in the home industrial business are looking at this product scratching their heads, saying “why did I not think of this idea first.”

The reason for their dismay simple. This is one of those products that offers a simple solution to a problem we have alll dealt with. With a flashlight in hand, we’re reduced to what? We are reduced to using a single hand. Oftentimes, when using the flashlight, the fact is if you miss poor and the need to use tends to bounce is just not necessary. Unfortunately, one hand holding the flashlight, the ability to use the second freehand is not available to us. As a result, the maker of the hexlight offers each and every one of us the chance to free up that second hand and provide and dexterity and safety to our flashlight use. I have to say that the makers of this product have impressed me. I’m looking forward to my hexlight showing up on my doorstep within the next few days. I know it uses an LED series of lights, and that if the product comes close to living up to the commercials pitch, I’ll be back to report happily that the hexlight may do to the flashlight industry what the iPad has been the computer industry.

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