There are hundreds of workout gadgets that claim to give you a flat stomach. T-Core is a new ab workout that revolutionizes the crunch with progressive resistance. T-Core adjusts to 40lbs, 80lbs and 120lbs of resistance easily. T-Core works not only your abs, but your entire core. The T-Core workout is 6 minutes guaranteed to kick your butt and rip your abs. T-Core had 3 levels of resistance so you

Slim Away

Everyone wants to have a slimmer stomach and waistline. Slim away is an Evopowrap Fabric garment that seals in your body heat during your workouts to increase the amount of water weight you lose around your mid section. Best of all no one will be able to tell you’re wearing Slim Away. Slim Away fits waists size 22 inches to 50 inches. Just put on Slim Away under any shirt,

Shake Weight

Shake Weight is a new workout tool that combines velocity and dynamic inertia with a dumbbell. Shake Weight dramatically increases muscle activity and is 7 times more effective than standard dumbbells. In just 6 minutes with shake weight you can achieve a muscle burning workout that would take 42 minutes with regular weights. Shake Weight weighs only 5 lbs and its unique design can make your muscles contract up to

Billy Blanks PT 24/7

Billy Blanks PT 24/7 workout system contains seven workout programs that give you results you can feel in 24 hours and see in 7 days. The system includes a 6 DVD set of workouts, PT 24/7 Bands and Gloves, Billy’s Nutrition Guide, and Rotation Calendar. The system comes with the B2 Bands and Gloves that attach to your feet and hands which increases the intensity of the workout. The B2

iRenew Bracelet

Every time you turn on the TV or go out to a mall it seems someone is hocking some kind of Bracelet that is supposed to give you energy or make you a better athlete. iRenew Bracelet is one of these Bracelets. According to the infomercials and website iRenew Bracelet is a made with silicone and a technology called Selective Frequency Resonance. This technology may promote strength, endurance, and balance.