Have you ever been stumped looking for that perfect gift? Are you in need of a unique gift? Do you find yourself with no time to go shopping? If so, GiftsGo is the perfect solution for you. It’s your one-stop online shop for all occasions- wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, personalized gifts… The possibilities are endless. GiftsGo organizes gifts by category and offers a wide selection of products for

World at War

If you’re interested in the history of the 20th century you won’t want to miss World at War from Time Life. World at War is the definitive World War II documentary. This four DVD set contains previously unseen footage acquired from the libraries of 18 different countries. You’ll witness the personalities of the men who fought this war and the equipment they used to do it with. This documentary studies

Wonder Hangers

Do you know anybody who has enough closet space? Stop cramming in those garments and relieve that wrinkled clothes look with the Wonder Hanger. Hang both ends of the Wonder Hanger on the bar of your closet and you can hang five clothes hangers on the Wonder Hanger. Then drop one end of the Wonder Hanger and it hangs flat in your closet – five hangers full of garments in

Shed Pal

Anyone with a dog knows how difficult it can be to brush out loose and shedding dog hair. And, unless you want that hair all over your home you have no choice. Until now. Shed Pal can turn this negative experience into a pleasant one for both pets and owners. Shed Pal is powered by a very quiet electric motor that operates on batteries. Unlike the wire bristles of a

Micro Wallet

How many times have you promised yourself to keep your wallet organized? With the Micro Wallet you will never have to make that promise to yourself again. Whether you carry your wallet in a purse or a pocket the Micro Wallet keeps all the contents of your wallet organized all the time. The genuine leather Micro Wallet has 16 expandable pockets to hold your money, credit cards, receipts and other

Forever Lazy

On cold days at home it can be difficult to stay warm without spending money to raise the heat. Your robe is clumsy and doesn’t cover your entire body, and you can’t walk around with blankets. Forever Lazy keeps you warm wherever you go by covering your entire body in warm polar fleece. Just step in, zip up and relax. Available in three colors and sizes to fit everyone, Forever

Aluma Wallet

If you’ve been at the checkout counter and couldn’t find your credit card or product receipt you know how embarrassing it can be while others wait impatiently behind you. The watertight Aluma Wallet helps solve this problem by keeping your cards, receipts, money, and anything else you put in your wallet, organized, clean and dry. Snap it shut and it locks closed. Touch the button and it pops open. The