Have you ever had a hard time thinking of a new way to dress up your hair? Change your look instantly with Snap-On-Feathers. Hair extensions and salon visits are costly and lock you into a specific look. Snap-On-Feathers come in an assortment of colors and can be arranged differently in your hair each time you wear them. A clip fastens Snap-On-Feathers to your hair instantly and keeps them secure wherever

Instant Fisherman

If you love to fish you probably remember at least one time that you wished you had a rod with you. Now there is a second generation of the Instant Fisherman rod and reel combination fishing kit that sold more than a million units. Stronger and loaded with more features, the new Instant Fisherman is light and sensitive enough to catch small fish yet strong and durable enough to catch

Forever Lazy

On cold days at home it can be difficult to stay warm without spending money to raise the heat. Your robe is clumsy and doesn’t cover your entire body, and you can’t walk around with blankets. Forever Lazy keeps you warm wherever you go by covering your entire body in warm polar fleece. Just step in, zip up and relax. Available in three colors and sizes to fit everyone, Forever

Lunar Land

People have been buying and selling land on the Moon for decades. Official Lunar Land sells land on the Moon by the acre. Lunar Land is a unique gift and perfect for that person who has everything. If you can’t think of a gift for that special person, why not give them the Moon. Buy Land On The Moon Today! You may be surprised who actually buys Lunar Land. Members

Fab Effex

Keeping kids entertained with something other than the television or video games these days is a challenge. Fab Effex stimulates children’s creativity and imagination. Fab Effex is an amazing fabric that is can be shaped, molded, cut, and stuck to just about anything without glue or tape, and best of all without a mess. Fab Effex is a fabric that is infused with a wax layer enabling it to hold


Bendaroos are the hot new flexible building and bending was sticks that kids love. Kids can do just about anything with Bendaroos, like make necklaces, toys, flowers, and animals. Bendaroos come in over 200 colors and contain a fun guide to stimulate your children’s creativity. Bendaroos are mess free, without glue or paints. Best of all Bendaroos, bend and unbend over and over to be used again and again. Bendaroos: