Shoes Under

Having a hard time deciding where to put that new pair of shoes? Do your children go through the same shoe search every time they leave the house? Shoes Under organizes 12 pairs of shoes or sneakers in a convenient place like under your bed or on the floor of your closet. With a separate compartment for each pair you won’t have to worry about losing your shoes or getting

Rejuvenate Floor

What you do when you’re hard surface floor gets scratched or loses its original shine? Whether you have a hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, slate or marble floor Rejuvenate can return it to its original finish, make it shine, and fill-in the scratches simply by mopping Rejuvenate onto your floor, and letting it dry. When you Rejuvenate your hard floor you are giving your floor the benefit of the


Whip-It is the #1 green multipurpose cleaner in the market! I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercial where Art Edmonds asks random people at a food court inside a mall to throw food at his bright white clothes. From baby food, to chicken teriyaki, to hamburgers, Whip-It powers through all the stains in the blink of an eye. Talk about miracle cleaner…Whip-it even outperforms popular oxygen cleaners! It turns out, this

Smart Mop

The Smart Mop is a revolutionary new mop with a twist. Twist Mop is made of synthetic shammy and easily picks up sand, dirt, dust, ketchup, soda spills and more. Smart pop can replace sponge mops, string mops and even your broom. Smart mop is can absorb more than ten times its own weight in liquid without dripping. Smart Mop is machine washable and last for years. Since you won’t