Strap Perfect

Bra straps showing from behind can detract from even the best look. Strap Perfect solves two common support problems at once. Clip Strap Perfect onto your bra straps, and your bra straps are instantly out of sight. Then, improve your profile and gain up to one cup size by simply sliding Strap Perfect up or down to adjust your bra support. Strap Perfect provides a custom look that you can


Have you ever had a hard time thinking of a new way to dress up your hair? Change your look instantly with Snap-On-Feathers. Hair extensions and salon visits are costly and lock you into a specific look. Snap-On-Feathers come in an assortment of colors and can be arranged differently in your hair each time you wear them. A clip fastens Snap-On-Feathers to your hair instantly and keeps them secure wherever

Shave Mate

Clutter in your bathroom? Going on vacation or taking a business trip? Shave Mate reduces clutter and is an excellent solution for on the go shaving for men and women. Shave Mate does what no other razor can – it dispenses shaving cream from the handle and, with its 6 in-line blades and flex-neck technology, it provides an excellent, smooth shave. The flexible neck makes it easy to shave around

Nail Perfect

How many times have you applied nail polish only to discover you had more polish on your finger tips than on your nails? That clean edge between the fingernail and your surrounding skin makes all the difference. With the Nail Perfect set you will have everything you need to achieve a nail salon look at home. The Nail Perfect base steadies your hand while the Nail Perfect disk protects your


Go ahead, slip off your shoes and take a look at your feet right now. Dry, cracked heels? Nobody enjoys that look and you don’t have to tolerate it. With a roll-on applicator, fast acting Heel-Tastic is easy to apply and can transform your cracked heels quickly. Heel-Tastic is not a cream or lotion. Men and women in India have been using Neem and Karanja oils to heal their skin


The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it seems like every day someone is trying to get their piece of the pie. VersiComb is a 4-in-1 multi-purpose styling comb and brush that is advertised on infomercials and the internet. VersiComb is compact and folds in half and can be put into a pants pocket or small clutch. VersiComb has two distinct sides one with narrow comb teeth the

Ped Egg

Ped Egg is a new way to remove calluses and dead skin from your feet and make them silky smooth. No more rough feet that look bad and create runs in your stockings. Ped Egg contains over 100 precision micro-files that gently and quickly smooth your feet while trapping shavings so there is no mess. Ped Egg gives you the look of a professional pedicure you get at the salon

Firm A Face XR

Firm A Face XR by Serious Skin Care has been clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles while making your skin look tighter smoother and younger without surgery. Firm A Face XR can even make your eyes look less tired and more open. Firm A Face XR cleans deep, penetrating into your pores and lifting dirt that can make you look old and tire. Firm A Face XR is reactivated

Easy Feet

Easy Feet is the convenient way to clean your feet safely. Easy Feet cleans and massages your feet as easy as putting on a pair of sandles or flip flops. No more bending or doing trying to stand on one leg in the shower without slipping. Easy Feet has over a thousand bristles and a pumice stone built into a convenient design that sticks to the bottom of any tub.

Bare Lifts

Bare Lifts are strapless way to give you the lift you want without a bra. The pain free adhesive won’t hurt your skin and Bare Lifts work with any cup size. Don’t waste money on push up bras that can be uncomfortable. Don’t go out on the town with unsightly bra straps showing. Bare Lifts give you the support and look you need without surgery. Bare Lifts provide support all