Merchant Match - Accept Credit Cards Today!
Merchant Match – Accept Credit Cards Today!

Need to accept credit card payments for your business? Merchant Match works with the best domestic and international banks to get you the best rates

VegieFresh - Keep your Fruits & Veggies Fresher Longer!

VegieFresh is a 100% natural mix of minerals that will double the life of your Fruits and Vegetables.  VegieFresh absorbs the ethylene gases that are naturally released from your food and accelerate spoilage. The average family of four throws away thousands of dollars in spoiled food each year!  VegieFresh costs less than $60 for the entire year! Not only does preventing food waste save you money, it can also help

Flex Seal

If you ever had a leaky roof, basement, pipe or anything else, you know how hard it is to stop a leak without costly repairs. Silicone and caulk can’t compare to Flex Seal. Flex Seal can repair tough leaks quickly and easily and save you money on costly repairs. Flex Seal is a rubber sealant that goes deep into cracks to seal quickly and completely. Flex Seal works on wood,


Whip-It is the #1 green multipurpose cleaner in the market! I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercial where Art Edmonds asks random people at a food court inside a mall to throw food at his bright white clothes. From baby food, to chicken teriyaki, to hamburgers, Whip-It powers through all the stains in the blink of an eye. Talk about miracle cleaner…Whip-it even outperforms popular oxygen cleaners! It turns out, this

Lunar Land

People have been buying and selling land on the Moon for decades. Official Lunar Land sells land on the Moon by the acre. Lunar Land is a unique gift and perfect for that person who has everything. If you can’t think of a gift for that special person, why not give them the Moon. Buy Land On The Moon Today! You may be surprised who actually buys Lunar Land. Members

iRenew Bracelet

Every time you turn on the TV or go out to a mall it seems someone is hocking some kind of Bracelet that is supposed to give you energy or make you a better athlete. iRenew Bracelet is one of these Bracelets. According to the infomercials and website iRenew Bracelet is a made with silicone and a technology called Selective Frequency Resonance. This technology may promote strength, endurance, and balance.