Riddex Pulse

Using poisonous sprays and powders to rid yourself of insect and rodent pests can be dangerous to your health. But what else can you do? The Riddex Pulse is an electrical device that uses the wiring in your home to generate an electronic force field that can repel ants, roaches, rats and mice without the use of any chemicals, sprays or powders. Plug the Riddex Pulse into any home outlet

Rejuvenate Floor

What you do when you’re hard surface floor gets scratched or loses its original shine? Whether you have a hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, slate or marble floor Rejuvenate can return it to its original finish, make it shine, and fill-in the scratches simply by mopping Rejuvenate onto your floor, and letting it dry. When you Rejuvenate your hard floor you are giving your floor the benefit of the

Tool Band-it

Have you ever juggled tools while on a ladder or working on your car? Anytime you try to work and hold tools or nails or anything else at the same time you wish you had another hand. Tool Band-it holds tools, nails, wrenches, hammers, and more without a tool box. Tool Band-it is a powerful, lightweight, neo-magnetic band that wraps around your upper arm. Now your tools, nails and everything

Mighty Fix It

Mighty Fix It looks like tape but it’s much different. Mighty Fix-it is non adhesive but fuses together to create air tight, water tight seals. Use flexible Mighty Fix It for instant repairs around your home. Mighty Fix It is great for cars too, it’s strong enough to even repair a radiator hose. Mighty Fix It can save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs. With Mighty Fix it you

Hex Light

Flashlights are great unless you’re working on something and you have three hands. Hex Light is a hands free flashlight that you strap to your forearm or anything else. Hex light is not only great for working in the dark, but u can strap it on for a nighttime bike ride or job too. Hex Light has six water resistant LED lights that last up to five years. You can

Flex Seal

If you ever had a leaky roof, basement, pipe or anything else, you know how hard it is to stop a leak without costly repairs. Silicone and caulk can’t compare to Flex Seal. Flex Seal can repair tough leaks quickly and easily and save you money on costly repairs. Flex Seal is a rubber sealant that goes deep into cracks to seal quickly and completely. Flex Seal works on wood,

Dual Saw

Circular saws are a thing of the past. Dual Saw has dual laser cut tungsten blades that cut anything with precision. Dual Saw doesn’t kick back or burn when cutting like other saws. Dual Saw cuts, wood, plastic, concrete, tile, metal and more. Dual Saw is preferred by fire rescue workers to cut into vehicles too. Dual Saw has counter rotating blade technology that enables you to drop dual saw