Shed Pal

Anyone with a dog knows how difficult it can be to brush out loose and shedding dog hair. And, unless you want that hair all over your home you have no choice. Until now. Shed Pal can turn this negative experience into a pleasant one for both pets and owners. Shed Pal is powered by a very quiet electric motor that operates on batteries. Unlike the wire bristles of a


Ever see a dog or cat driving a car? Of course not. But now you can have a replica of your state’s driver’s license with your pet’s photo on it. Pet DMV won’t give your pet permission to drive anywhere but it’s a great way to let people know who your pet is and where your pet lives. You create Pet DMV yourself right online using your state’s template. Submit

Magic Mesh

Ever have a flying bug come in through an open door? It’s enough to make you want to keep all the doors closed all the time. It’s time to let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out with the easy to install Magic Mesh. The Magic Mesh screen closure system covers single doors, sliders, even RVs and allows you to walk right through without using your hands. Magic

Comfy Control Harness

Anyone who has ever walked their dog knows that the traditional dog collar can cause pain and even injury to their priceless pet. Don’t take that chance. You can make walking with your pet a pleasant experience for both of you with the new Comfy Control Harness. Available in four sizes, the Comfy Control Harness custom adjusts to your pet’s exact size in seconds. When your dog pulls on her

plaque blast
Plaque Blast

Bad breath can make it impossible to cuddle with your pet, and you know that odor can’t be healthy. Plaque Blast is formulated with ingredients that can kill harmful bacteria without alcohol so Plaque Blast can whiten teeth and improve breath while helping to prevent heart, kidney, or liver diseases.  Before Plaque Blast, your option was an expensive and nerve-wracking visit to the vet. With Plaque Blast you don’t have

pet rider
Pet Rider

Your automobile is your second biggest investment. You want to take your pet with but you also want to protect the beauty and value of your car. Pet Rider covers your car seats from top to bottom allowing you and your pet to travel together with confidence. Pet Rider is designed to protect the entire seat surface from dirt, sand, mud and pet accidents. Did your pet track some mud

Snuggie For Dogs

Don’t make your dog take a walk or go outside in the cold while your dressed nice and warm. Snuggies For Dogs works just like the Snuggie you love. The warm fleece blanket with little holes for your dog’s legs will keep Fido warm when he goes outside. Snuggie For Dogs are available in blue or pink and four sizes from extra small to large. Snuggie for Dogs go on

Emery Cat

Anyone who has tried to cut or trim a cat’s claws knows this is next to impossible without getting scratched, and most of the time it’s just impossible period. Even veterinarians find this task difficult. Emery Cat’s honeycomb surface works like a nail file and your cat files its claws every time they play with it. Emery Cat has an arched design that is perfect for stretching and scratching. Emery

Crazy Critters

If you have a crazy dog, you need Crazy Critters. Let’s face it; regular plush animals are no match for any dog. Crazy Critters are reinforced and take anything your dog can dish out. Regular plush animals can’t compare to Crazy Critters. Regular plush animals get the stuffing knocked out of them by your dog and then your house is a mess. Crazy Critters are doggie tough and a full