VegieFresh - Keep your Fruits & Veggies Fresher Longer!

VegieFresh is a 100% natural mix of minerals that will double the life of your Fruits and Vegetables.  VegieFresh absorbs the ethylene gases that are naturally released from your food and accelerate spoilage. The average family of four throws away thousands of dollars in spoiled food each year!  VegieFresh costs less than $60 for the entire year! Not only does preventing food waste save you money, it can also help

One Touch

Do you have trouble using your can opener? Does it always get jammed in hard to open cans? Well, One Touch can opener is here to take your frustrations away. One Touch is twist free, pull free and struggle free. One Touch is easy to use, easy to storage and easy to clean. Because of its safe design, One Touch easy opens any type of can and leaves no sharp

Topsy Turvy Tomato

Growing your own tomatoes has never been easy. Even after you dig up the ground and sift out the weeds you have to keep staking and tying to keep your tomato plants growing straight. Growing tomatoes is so much easier when you turn your tomato garden on its head with the Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree. Complete with its own 5 foot tall stand, foot levelers, and greenhouse-quality grow bag the

Tomato Factory

If you have ever started a tomato garden you know it can be a lot of work. Instead of digging and weeding, grow your own organic tomatoes with the Tomato Factory. The Tomato Factory is a 36″ x 18″ growing system that can grow up to three tomato plants at the same time. All you do is put in the dirt, the tomato seeds, and water – the sun does

Robo Stir

Has your family dinner ever been ruined because of burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot or pan? It happens, and is very frustrating when it does. Robo Stir will take care of continuously stirring your soups, sauces and gravies in any pot or pan while you attend to other tasks and you will never experience burned food again. Robo Stir’s gyroscopic, orbital action ensures that Robo Stir 

Bake Pops
Bake Pops

Looking for a unique idea for celebrations and special occasions? How about something new for birthday parties, baby showers, and holiday get-togethers? Instead of baking cookies or a cake, or buying something from the store, you might want to try Bake Pops. Bake Pops comes as a set that includes a specially designed stick-proof bake pan with its own custom cover, 18 cellophane wraps with ties, 18 reusable pop sticks,


What if I told you I found a secret to help cut your kitchen time in half preparing the perfect meal? Its called the Slice-O-Matic and you can easily prepare great tasting food in your home quickly giving you more family connection at mealtime. Easy glide handle lets you slice potatoes, onions, carrots and much more with ease. Adjust the dial in seconds to change your desired thickness of slices

Super Juicer

Super Juicer is for those who like all natural juice without the hassle. Super Juicer extracts all the juice with a 700 watt motor and even process the pulp for use later in sauces, soups, cakes and more. Super Juicer is like two machines in one. Most juicers require chopping or slicing before you put them inside the juicer. Super Juicer has an extra large feeder which allows you to

Perfect Brownie

Brownies are a great treat, but trying to make the perfect brownie is difficult until now. Perfect Brownie is a non stick brownie pan that separates each brownie before cooking so they cook evenly and are sliced in 18 perfect squares. Perfect Brownie also separates and acts as a cooling rack and serving rack all in one. Perfect Brownie allows you to cook all your favorite desserts including cakes, apple

Gyro Bowl

Kids and food equals some kind of mess most of the time, and it seems the smaller the kid, the bigger the mess. Gyro Bowl is a neat invention, a kid proof, spill proof bowl that keeps food where it belongs instead of on the floor, carpet, counter, table, or on your kid. Gyro Bowl even comes with a stay-fresh lid to save the rest for later. Gyro bowl can

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