Bitcoin is a new krypto currency that the inception was almost 10 years ago by allegedly by Satoshi Nakamoto who was using an alias. All transactions are digital and unregulated by any banks and a little tricky to get invested in them if you live inside the United States. Bitcoin can be used to book hotels on Expedia, shop for furniture on Overstock and buy Xbox games. Just like the


Have you ever been stumped looking for that perfect gift? Are you in need of a unique gift? Do you find yourself with no time to go shopping? If so, GiftsGo is the perfect solution for you. It’s your one-stop online shop for all occasions- wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, personalized gifts… The possibilities are endless. GiftsGo organizes gifts by category and offers a wide selection of products for

VegieFresh - Keep your Fruits & Veggies Fresher Longer!

VegieFresh is a 100% natural mix of minerals that will double the life of your Fruits and Vegetables.  VegieFresh absorbs the ethylene gases that are naturally released from your food and accelerate spoilage. The average family of four throws away thousands of dollars in spoiled food each year!  VegieFresh costs less than $60 for the entire year! Not only does preventing food waste save you money, it can also help

gorecon – Recon Truck Lights

If you ever tried to customize your jeep or truck LED lighting you have quickly learned that its costly with a million choices. What website should I trust, what brand has the latest LED technology, but I think the most important is who has the best prices for all my automotive accessories? We contacted Recon Truck Accessories to answers all our questions. Recon Truck Accessories has been in business for

Cosmic Registry

Cosmic Registry – supposedly offers that they will provide you with a Named Star, Moon Land and Astronaut Ice Cream, as well as registration of products!  Cosmic Registry – is a NEW company trying to take over business from companies that have been selling pieces of the Moon. What are the claims that the Cosmic Registry have? Beware of FAKE companies like the Cosmic Registry that have no

One Touch

Do you have trouble using your can opener? Does it always get jammed in hard to open cans? Well, One Touch can opener is here to take your frustrations away. One Touch is twist free, pull free and struggle free. One Touch is easy to use, easy to storage and easy to clean. Because of its safe design, One Touch easy opens any type of can and leaves no sharp

World at War

If you’re interested in the history of the 20th century you won’t want to miss World at War from Time Life. World at War is the definitive World War II documentary. This four DVD set contains previously unseen footage acquired from the libraries of 18 different countries. You’ll witness the personalities of the men who fought this war and the equipment they used to do it with. This documentary studies

Wonder Hangers

Do you know anybody who has enough closet space? Stop cramming in those garments and relieve that wrinkled clothes look with the Wonder Hanger. Hang both ends of the Wonder Hanger on the bar of your closet and you can hang five clothes hangers on the Wonder Hanger. Then drop one end of the Wonder Hanger and it hangs flat in your closet – five hangers full of garments in

Touch N Brush

Brushing your teeth is important but it can be a wasteful mess. Toothpaste falls in the sink and it’s almost impossible to get it all out of the tube. That’s why Touch N Brush  is such an important addition to your bathroom. Insert your toothbrush, press it against the Touch N Brush vacuum lever and the right amount of toothpaste is dispensed directly on top of your brush. The vacuum

Total Pillow

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a pain in the neck or back? Most pillows do not give you the proper support and that can be a problem. Make sure you sleep properly with the Total Pillow. It’s called the Total Pillow because it does more than help you get a good night’s sleep. The unique Total Pillow design allows you to shape it and form it