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Do you have trouble using your can opener? Does it always get jammed in hard to open cans? Well, One Touch can opener is here to take your frustrations away. One Touch is twist free, pull free and struggle free. One Touch is easy to use, easy to storage and easy to clean. Because of its safe design, One Touch easy opens any type of can and leaves no sharp edges on the lid. One Touch can opener is battery operated ; it only uses 2 AA batteries. One Touch does not need to be held when in use. One Touch can opener “walks around” the can and shuts off automatically.

One Touch Complaints

One Touch is designed to open small, medium and large cans without leaving a shard edge on the lid. With safety measurements in mind, the inventor of One Touch can opener suggests not to remove the One Touch until it has completely opened the can. If you try to stop the One Touch from opening the can after you press the button the machine might get stuck and you will need to follow the instructions to remove the One Touch from the can.  If you are not happy with the One Touch ca opener please let us know by completing the form below.

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