Magic Mesh

Ever have a flying bug come in through an open door? It’s enough to make you want to keep all the doors closed all the time. It’s time to let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out with the easy to install Magic Mesh. The Magic Mesh screen closure system covers single doors, sliders, even RVs and allows you to walk right through without using your hands. Magic

Easy Reach

If you enjoy your hanging plants, then you have probably experienced the hassles of standing on a stool or climbing a ladder to water and care for them. Put those problems in the past with the simple to use Easy Reach pulley system. Just attach your plant’s basket hangar to the Easy Reach cord, clip the Easy Reach to your plant hook and you will never have to climb or

Bake Pops
Bake Pops

Looking for a unique idea for celebrations and special occasions? How about something new for birthday parties, baby showers, and holiday get-togethers? Instead of baking cookies or a cake, or buying something from the store, you might want to try Bake Pops. Bake Pops comes as a set that includes a specially designed stick-proof bake pan with its own custom cover, 18 cellophane wraps with ties, 18 reusable pop sticks,

American Chia

The holidays are coming and you’re probably looking for a unique gift for that special person. There is now available a memorable gift that also honors your choice of four Great American icons. Most everyone is familiar with the classic Chia pet and now you can own, or give as a gift, the Proud to Be American Chia Obama, Chia Lincoln, Chia Washington, or Chia Liberty. Each American Chia is

Aluma Wallet

If you’ve been at the checkout counter and couldn’t find your credit card or product receipt you know how embarrassing it can be while others wait impatiently behind you. The watertight Aluma Wallet helps solve this problem by keeping your cards, receipts, money, and anything else you put in your wallet, organized, clean and dry. Snap it shut and it locks closed. Touch the button and it pops open. The

Hexlight Review – Worth the Purchase?

Have you tried this? Write A Review Be sure to read the Real Quick Hex Light Review. The Hex Light product has to be one of more inventive flashlights ever created. It may actually give the mag light some competition in the way most notable flashlights in the world. You’re probably thinking this is little that can be done to add to the flashlight if you get to see the

Widget Light

Everyone has tried to juggle a flashlight while working on something. It’s difficult if not impossible. When there’s no one else around to hold the flashlight it can be aggravating. Widget Light is the answer. The 4-legged Widget Light looks like something from science fiction but it’s a hands-free light that’s better than any flashlight. Widget Light has four flexible legs that wrap around just about anything and even create


When the Fall and Winter seasons come everyone wants to stay warm whether they are at home, traveling in the car, or out at a sporting event. Snuggie combines the warmth of a blanket with the convenience of a sweat shirt or sweater. Keep warm with Snuggie, the only blanket with sleeves. Snuggie keeps you warm and lets you do your work, read a book, even hold your pet. Snuggie


Paper towels are expensive and messy. Shamwow can absorb 12 times its weight in liquid, and reusable over and over, saving you money compared to paper towels. ShamWow works wet or dry. ShamWow can pick up stains out of carpets, wash and polish your car and more. ShamWow comes with a 10 year warranty and can even be washed in your washing machine. ShamWow doesn’t drip like ordinary paper towels,

Lunar Land

People have been buying and selling land on the Moon for decades. Lunar Land sells land on the Moon by the acre. Lunar Land is a unique gift and perfect for that person who has everything. If you can’t think of a gift for that special person, why not give them the Moon. You may be surprised who actually buys Lunar Land. Members of NASA, former United States presidents and

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