Making hard boiled eggs is easier than it sounds. Eggs crack in the water and then there always the time spent peeling those eggshells. Eggies allow you to hard boil eggs without the shell and make perfect hard boiled eggs with ease. Just crack your eggs, put them inside Eggies, boil them and get perfect hard boiled eggs every time. No more half boiled eggs or over boiled eggs that

Chef Basket

Chef Basket is a new compact multipurpose cooking tool that has dozens of uses. The Chef Basket is a flexible basket that can replace your colander, and makes deep frying, boiling, steaming and straining foods a cinch. Chef Basket is great for frying potatoes, hard-boiling eggs, cooking shellfish, steaming vegetables and more. The Chef Basket cooks and strains in one easy step and the handles never get hot. The Chef

Bottle Tops

No one likes flat soft drinks. Bottle Tops are convenient way to turn a can into a bottle in a snap. Bottle Tops fit snap onto the top of your beverage can, turning it into a resealable bottle that keeps the fizz in your pop. Open cans spill in the refrigerator, lose flavor, and get warm quickly. With Bottle Tops you can prevent spills, keep drinks fresh and cool longer.

Big City Slider Station

Mini-burgers or Sliders have been a sensation since 1921 when White Castle opened their first restaurant. Now the Big City Slider Station lets you cook your own mini-burgers or sliders at home. Big City Slider Station includes everything you need to make your own mini-burgers or slider perfect every time. Best of all you can use the ingredients you want to customize your sliders to your taste. Big City Slider

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